Carsten Seubert

Mindset & Mental Fitness Coach



Combining empowering coaching with mental fitness to

create a sustainable mindset of unshakeable belief.

I co-create optimism,
to turn problems into inspiration

Carsten Seubert Mindset & Mental Fitness Coach

Carsten Seubert 

20 years of international experience

3 continents | 7 countries | Explorer | Leader

Optimist | Proud father | Hotelier

As a Co-Active & Positive Intelligence trained coach, I help you master the mindset that empowers you to smash your goals & fulfill your dreams.

I combine my international, multicultural experience with transformational coaching techniques & a groundbreaking mental fitness approach to co-create a mindset of unshakeable belief, optimism & fulfillment.

I offer inspiration through personal & team coaching as well as public speaking.

Ultimately, the purpose of my life is to create a SPACE that EMPOWERS us to become our best and fulfilled selves.

If you have enough of holding back and are ready to GO BIG in your life, let’s talk.

Learn to fall in love with your future 

In our coaching, I will help you to unlock your unlimited potential by identifying and breaking your limiting beliefs, defining your WHY and unpacking your dreams to make them a reality.

The length of the coaching process and the frequency of the sessions are determined individually

For your mindset mastery journey, I offer tailor-made coaching packages between 3-12 months, depending on your aspirations, limiting beliefs & motivations. Since trust plays a major role in coaching, I offer a free “Empowering Session” that will allow us to find out if we are a match and how I can help you. Let’s talk about your dreams!

“To see clearly, changing one’s perspective is often enough” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The six weeks with the program have released blockages and at the same time raised questions that I have carried with me for a long time, but until now could never put them into words. I am grateful for this experience, the outstanding pod and the opportunity to grow with a coach like Carsten, who himself goes mentally “all-in”.

Niklas R

Managing Director

Sometimes everyone needs support to develop themselves or to turn negative habits into positive experiences. The program helps me every day in the most stressful situations, private as well as professional. The focus is back where I lost it years ago. I am looking forward to the further journey together and say thank you Carsten for this very special experience!

Jill S

Managing Director

Carsten has a way to offer support that is kind and effective. I was in a situation where I was overwhelmed with my family life, my job, and my business, wanting to make it all perfect. I found the freedom to speak honestly about any issues I have, and I had constant encouragement along the way. With Carsten, I could explore my “big” issues from different perspectives and adopt a more relaxed and connected approach to tackling my problems.

Oana C

Gründerin & OKR

I particularly enjoyed working with Carsten and participating in the Mental Fitness program for the following reasons: the openness of having found new friends who want to continue on the path of better understanding common or entrenched ways of thinking. I am happy to have found a way to better control rash actions.

Philipp P

Hotel Manager

Fuck the Judge – for the first time I fought my inner saboteurs and felt my own strength grow with an insanely great and inspiring group by my side. Challenging, emotional and simply enriching. Thank you Carsten for accompanying us on this process in such an inspiring way. And that was just the beginning – the journey continues!

Thorsten M

Owner & Partner

Carsten is that mentor you want to have around when you go through business management & leadership and need an outside perspective. He has not just the theory, but also the experience and practice of having managed hundreds of people and multi-million EUR businesses. He listens and then asks, then takes you out of your comfort zone, also uncovering uncomfortable truths. At the end of our sessions, I always think it was worth every minute and I feel re-energized and keen to adjust myself and apply our shared thoughts and way forward.
Francisco S

Area Director of Sales & Marketing

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