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Carsten Seubert 

20 years of international experience
3 continents | 7 countries | Explorer | Leader
Optimist | Proud father | Hotelier

Who are you really? This is a question that is not asked often enough, I realized when it came to writing this part of my website.

These keywords and my career on LinkedIn summarize a lot, but of course not everything. And I realized I need to ask the question not only to myself, but also to my family and friends. Because who can answer that better and, above all, more honestly than the people who really know you?


The description of the “classic box-to-box player in football” stuck with the feedback I received, not least because I love this sport. He always keeps the overview and stays calm – a long-time friend described me – he controls, designs, and is the central heart of the team – but without being in the limelight.

To work honestly, to always make the team or its fellow human beings better, and to recognize developments and situations with a birdseye view that the others cannot see from their perspective.

This is exactly why I enjoy coaching so much, because this is precisely what it is all about – to enable new perspectives, to focus on what is decisive and thereby  release the full potential – for the client or coachee.

And to keep calm in difficult moments, to ask the right questions and to find the way out of a dead end.

My international professional and life experience helps me a lot and makes it easy for me to keep the overview. 

You can find more about my coaching approach here.

I am an unwavering optimist and believe that anyone who is optimistic can achieve an incredible amount. The belief that I can change things, people, the world for the better, allows me to approach life with a lot of joy, which, as my family and friends confirm, is contagious.

However, positivity without knowledge and a plan is naivety – that’s why it is incredibly important to me to keep learning new things – through travel, new adventures and discoveries, but also through books, publications and courses.

Moving forward positively without ignoring the sometimes hard facts, that is optimism for me.

Even if I write about them last on this page, family comes first in my life. My wife is my anchor and supports me, cheers me on and makes me calm. My parents and my sister are my roots and ground me.

And my two boys are an almost inexhaustible source of love and joie de vivre – remind me every day to give voice to my inner child. Because children understand intuitively what is important in this world.

There you go, that has to be enough for a website – I am happy to share everything else in our personal conversations – because talking to each other is much more fun than reading about each other.

And who YOU are, is anyway much more important for your coaching.

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