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Mindset & Mental Fitness Coach

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I firmly believe that you can find fulfilment by understanding your WHY.”

Carsten Seubert

Mindset &

Mental Fitness Coach


my coaching


My Coaching Approach

My why drives me to co-create an unshakeable self- belief in people that empowers them to unlock their limitless potential, crush their goals and fulfill their dreams.

I create SPACE that EMPOWERS us to become our best and fulfilled self.”

Coaching gives me exactly this opportunity because I create this “empowering space” for you. Our coaching together is individual. Individually designed for the coachee and determined individually by the coach. My coach approach is therefore shaped to a certain extent by my personality and is fully geared towards you in our discussions. Furthermore, my approach is strongly influenced by my trainings as a Co-Active and Positive Intelligence Coach. Last but not least, I offer to underpin this empowering face to face coaching with a digital mental fitness program, thereby combining insights with mental muscle building to generate sustainable mindset growth.

It is all about you

You, your dreams, and your challenges are the focus and together we help you grow further by following this framework:

– We train your MENTAL FITNESS*
– We (re) define your WHY
– We unpack your DREAMS
– We co-create your MINDSET of unshakeable belief
– You make your dreams a REALITY

There is no “one size fits all” coaching template, so within this framework, our coaching is a blank canvas that we will use together to co-create your unshakeable self-belief and master mindset.

In the same way, we individually define for you what kind of concrete success should stand at the end of our coaching relationship – this is how the coaching becomes goal-oriented, measurable, and finite.

An orderly process of coaching helps to support the process and usually looks like this.

Are you and I a good fit?

The nature of the coaching topics plays a subordinate role. If we do justice to our why, it can bring us both professional success and fulfillment in private life.

You as a person play the main role in all aspects of life and are at the center of the coaching.

We mainly focus on your strengths, because from these you draw the courage to overcome fears.

It is important that we are on the same wavelength and establish trust, confidence and credibility in our coaching relationship. Then, and if you fully engage in the coaching, I can promise you that together we will achieve positive results and GO BIG in your life.

We’ll find out whether we’re a good match in your free Empowering Session, which you can book here.

We’ll find out whether we’re a good match in your free Empowering Session, which you can book here.

The sequence of the coaching process

Get to know each other – our Empowering Session

Before the coaching process begins, we clarify whether and how I can support you. Since trust plays a major role in coaching, I offer a complimentary introductory meeting – our Empowering Session. We talk about your dreams and challenges and will see together how coaching can support you.

Mental Fitness Training – build the muscles to change your mindset

A digital six-week mental fitness boot camp is included in all my coaching packages as it provides you with the basis for your successful mindset mastery.

Coaching appointments – step by step to success

For your mindset mastery journey, I offer coaching packages between 3-12 months, depending on your aspirations, limiting beliefs & motivations. Our sessions will be held in-person or via video calls Each coaching journey is tailor-made and co-created between me and you. Your situation, your needs, your (limiting) beliefs and your dreams define the agenda and the approach.

Conclusion – all good things come to an end

At the end of our coaching journey, we review the process. You see which challenges you have mastered, how your mindset has been transformed and which dreams have come within reach – we dare to look into the future.

Co-Active Coaching

As a trained co-active coach, I have learned concrete tools that do justice to this approach in a wonderful way. Co-Active Coaching balances both “being” and “doing” in our lives. Often we have a strong tendency to “do”, run (blindly) at it, fall into actionism and forget to listen to ourselves and others.

Therefore, this coaching approach starts with “being”, “Co” in this context also means listening – to each other and to yourself. To find a basis in which “doing” is rooted and from which you can target the “action” Sense.

If you want to find out more about coaching in general, have a look here.

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