Carsten Seubert

Mindset & Mental Fitness Coach

what is coaching

Coaching is not a miracle cure – it doesn’t magically make you successful or a new person in a very short time.

However, coaching can help with exactly this – if you are willing to invest the necessary work together with me, to open yourself up, to fully engage with it and to go through sometimes unpleasant steps and changes.

Then coaching can awaken existing talents, give impulses, work towards improvements, stimulate self-reflection and support you in personal development.

Successful coaching in general is based on the following principles. You can find out more about my personal coaching approach here.

Coaching is interactive
Coaching is not about one-sided working and talking while you only listen passively and just let it happen. Successful coaching requires cooperation between coach and coachee.

Coaching is voluntary
Coaching must take place on a voluntary basis and out of the coachee’s motivation. If coaching is forced or only carried out reluctantly, there is a high probability that it will not be successful.

Coaching is process-oriented
The goal of coaching is not to present ready-made solutions or to press a client’s problem into suitable templates. A good coach accompanies and supports the process of finding a solution. He enables the coachee to find his own individual path and develop suitable strategies.

Coaching is neutral
The coach should not pursue his own goals or want to steer his coachee in a certain direction. The coaching should be as neutral and independent as possible so that the coachee can question his own views and develop ideas.

Coaching is equal
In the best case, coaching takes place at eye level and does not convey the feeling of different hierarchies. The coach is not standing above the coachee, but shoulder to shoulder directly at his side. Meaningful coaching evolves into a dialogue in which the coach asks, questions, and listens carefully.

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